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Loewe 2012 case study: from "the new spirit of Madrid" to #acampadaloewe

Dear friends that speak in English: it's a pity that you can't be aware of what is happening these days in Spain with Loewe brand. I've tried to find a post that explains it your language and I haven't been able. Here you have my summary.

Loewe was created in Madrid in 1846 and, since its beginnings, has been a reference in luxury leather accessories. In fact, it was the official supplier of the Royal House in times of Alfonso XIII. Handcrafted, elegant and discreet, it is also known for endorsements with Gisele Bündchen or Cayetano Rivera and today it belongs to LVMH Group.

Last week it was the 35th anniversary of its iconic bag "Amazona" and they decided to launch their Oro collection with an unusual campaign: this video.

It shows some young artists (most of them are sons, daughters or nephews of spanish famous artists) talking about Loewe and other issues in a vacuous and elitistic tone.

The reaction of a society that nowadays has the highest unemployment rate in the EU (affecting harder to youth: 46,4%) has been categorical: criticism and mockery. In less that a day, the video has been watched by 300.000 people and the brand is trending topic in Twitter, but comments can't be more negative. On tuesday night it was also created the hashtag #acampadaloewe making a sardonic parallelism with #acampadasol, one of the most important moments during the social movements in spain last May.

Some of the artists that appear in the video have dissociated themselves from it by saying that they are unable to own a bag that costs 1,600 €. Others say that their speeches have been manipulated. Others just laught and enjoy their minute of fame.

What marketers ask themselves is what is behind this strategy: to renew their client profile, of course. But, is it all this criticism worthy? or is it unplanned and, as a result, a major error? It seems as Loewe has confused repositioning with changing the brand essence. If this change is worthy or not, sales data will tell us.

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