viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Old school creatives VS numbers: what happens in Cannes stays in Numbers

On the whole, I love advertising people: they are freestylers, sharp and artistic people. Except that they despise talking about numbers because they find them a way of limiting their talent. There is one thing, however, that they like to say: "80% of Cannes winners reached the clients objectives"*. By the time you have finished listening to this, you realise that they use numbers to argue their point. But just when numbers admit they are right.
Another thing is that digital channel is always talking about numbers as it is easier to look at ROI (that is to say Return Of Investment). And one more thing is that Effi Awards, which have been recently launched, are more and more appreciated by both clients and agencies.
Perhaps old school think that creativity is more important than numbers, but they also feel comfortable when backed by them. After all, I got this* data from a wonderful old school professional who was trying to convince me about the importance of creativity over data.

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